Nurture Nook – Rules and Guidelines for Contributing Authors

  • If your book does not meet our promotional standards (professionally edited, a quality cover designed and properly formatted), we apologize but you will not be able to join the Nurture Nook.
  • You must have your own functioning author blog or website.
  • It’s 100% FREE! There is no cost to the author to participate and contribute.
  • You must have a minimum of one (1) book published.
  • Unfortunately, not every author who applies will be approved. If you are not approved, you are welcome to re-submit an updated application form every three (3) months for reconsideration.
  • If an approved author does not contribute at least once every 3 months, their access to the Nurture Nook may be removed and/or they may be removed from the Nurture Nook feature page and contributors list. If removed, they can apply to re-join at a later date by re-submitting an application.
  • We do not allow any books or featured excerpts of books that contain rape scenes, bestiality, and torture or race/discriminatory/hate crimes. If you feel that your book is an exception to this rule, please contact us.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content, be it text or images, which we deem inappropriate for our readership, without notice.
  • We limit authors to five (5) posts per month but if you have a special feature or event that requires more posts, please contact us.
  • We reserve the right to edit any posted content for spelling and grammatical errors, without notice.
  • Any promotions from or for other author and book publicity/promotion companies, including but not limited to book/blog tour announcements, book events, etc. are not allowed and will be removed without notice.


What you can include in your posts:

New release announcements, guest posts & interviews (a great way to re-use posts from expired book tours), book excerpts, general author blog posts (can be re-used from your author blog/website), writing-related articles, book reviews, book cover photos, author bios., author images and more.