What is a virtual book tour?
A virtual book tour is a successful and relatively inexpensive alternative to traditional book tours. With the ability to tour the “virtual”, authors have the potential to reach thousands of readers, book sellers and book distributors from the comfort of their home or office.
You have promotional standards? What does that mean, what are they and why do you have them?
Promotional standards are minimum requirements that Nurture Your BOOKS™ has for our clients before we can promote them and their work. A potential client and their book(s) generally meet our promotional standards if their book has been professionally edited, has a high-quality, professional cover design (front & back) and the book has been properly formatted. We review all pertinent information before we agree to promote an author and their work. These standards exist to help our client’s books meet industry standards, so their work can compete with releases from medium and large, traditional publishing houses.
Are there any genres that you don’t promote on book tours?
Yes, there are some genres that we try to steer clear of due to the difficulties in effectively promoting them. We usually do not accept self-help, religious non-fiction, poetry, short story collections/anthologies and business books. 
Does your company provide virtual book tours for any other book formats?
Yes, we provide virtual book tours for print books (paperback, hardcover, chapbook) eBooks and audio books. 
Can I promote my whole book series during one book tour?
Yes, you can. We offer Succession, custom book tours for authors who want to promote their book series, of three (3) or more published titles, at the same time. Succession book tours are a minimum of one (1) month in duration and can extend up to two and three months in length. Due to the increased complexity of this type of tour service, all Succession book tours require a minimum preparation period of 8 weeks before a book tour can begin; no exceptions. Pricing varies according to the number of books in the series, the length/duration of tour, the number of book tour stops included and a few additional variables. All books to be included in the Succession book tour must be available in eBook or print format before the tour can be booked. Succession book tours are not available for short story or poetry collections. 
Can you tell me about a NURTURE Book Tours™ Gala?
A Gala, custom book tour is based on a theme (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.) or a genre (Thriller, Romance, Mystery, Self-Help, etc.). Each Gala includes three (3) or more authors. A NURTURE Book Tours™ Gala will include one (1) book per author, per Gala. Each Gala is a custom book tour that is a minimum of one (1) month in duration and can, subject to approval, be extended for an additional two months in length. Each Gala is designed around the authors/theme/genre, the timeline and the promotional budget. Once the Gala book tour has been designed, the cost for the tour is split evenly between the authors who will be participating. We can freely adapt a Gala to support an individual author’s work; if you have 3 or more published novels under your belt and you would like to have them promoted together, the Gala Nurture Book Tour is the answer. In this case, the individual author would be responsible for the full cost of the Gala. It is important to book early and plan ahead as a minimum 8 week preparation period is required before a Gala book tour can begin, no exceptions. Please contact us for more information and pricing details.
Tour banner information:
At this time all book tour banners are static images. Banners will be customized for each author and their book(s). The banner is designed by Nurture Your BOOKS™ and will be emailed to the author upon completion, for their final approval. Should an author wish to have the original, approved tour banner from Nurture Your BOOKS™ re-designed they will be subject to an additional $50 USD fee, per new tour banner. 
Why should I choose NURTURE Book Tours™?
Our virtual book tour service is one of a wide range of professional, affordable author services brought to you by our parent Company, Nurture Your BOOKS™. As one of our clients, we are pleased to offer you a variety of promotional options that can be used in combination with NURTURE Book Tours™ or as a stand-alone service. We know that blog-only tours can be very useful and successful, but we offer our clients more. We use a winning combination of tour stops on book blogs, other specialized blogs and websites. We also offer you the option to have a Nurture Book Tour press release professionally distributed to ensure that there are a minimum of 20,000+ impressions. 
How do NURTURE Book Tours™ work?
Our virtual book tours use a combination of Nurture Your BOOKS™ Professional Author/Publisher Services, social media networking, interviews, book reviews, PR, optional press release distribution and virtual book tour stops to generate a significant, worldwide awareness for our clients and their books. NURTURE Book Tours™ solidify our client’s online presence while at the same time, reaching thousands of readers around the world. 
Can I extend my book tour at any time?
Time and space permitting, we may be able to extend your book tour. Extensions are available for up to an additional month, at the discretion of NURTURE Book Tours™. Please contact us for more details, pricing and availability. 
Who covers the cost of the review copies, book giveaway copies and shipping?
It is the responsibility of the author and/or their publishing company to manage and cover all associated book and shipping costs relating to book review and book giveaway copies for each tour. The author and/or their publishing company is responsible for sending the individual books out to the tour hosts and the book giveaway winners as we do not look after the distribution or shipping responsibilities. We also allow for review copies and book giveaway copies to be in eBook format only, but we strongly recommend a combination of the two formats for optimum results. 
How much do the book tour packages cost?
To request a copy of the NURTURE Book Tours™ price-list, please contact us. 
How do I pay for my NURTURE Book Tours™ Package?
Once you have spoken with us and together we have determined the best book tour for you and your book, we will send you a detailed invoice through our verified, PayPal Merchant Account. We ask that you remit full payment within three (3) business days to reserve your spot and take advantage of the quoted price. Once we have received full payment, we will begin preparation for your virtual book tour by sending you a detailed form that needs to be filled-out and submitted to us as soon as possible. 
Cancellation of NURTURE Book Tours™ by NURTURE:
On the rare occasion that an author does not respond to requests for written content, ie: for guest posts, interviews, spotlights, etc. or fail to send out review copies of their book as promised and/or is incommunicado for more than (five) 5 days during their Nurture Book Tour, NURTURE reserves the right to cancel the full or remaining portion of their tour without refund or recompense of any kind. This is a last resort on our part and one that we sincerely hope to avoid. In the case where NURTURE is compelled to cancel a Nurture Book Tour, we reserve the right to refuse to re-schedule or re-book the tour in question. 
What methods of payment do you accept?
For NURTURE Book Tours™ we accept VISA, Master Card and American Express through our verified, PayPal Merchant Account.
Do you have a refund policy?
To keep our services contract-free, all fees and payments are non-refundable, without exception. We can offer credit toward future services from us. We do our best to maintain very high standards and ensure that our clients have a positive customer service experience. If you have any concerns, questions or comments, please contact us. 
NURTURE Book Tours FAQ are subject to change without notice.