Do you work with Independent (Indie) Authors?
Yes, we are pleased to work with Independent Authors (Self-Published, eBook, Small Press, POD, Vanity Press) as well as Traditional/Legacy Published Authors.


What types of books do you promote?
We promote most genres; we accept thrillers, horror, children’s fiction and non-fiction, romance, memoirs, LGBT, historical fiction, non-fiction, YA fiction & non-fiction, cooking, food & wine, chick lit, graphic novels, fantasy, Sci-Fi, non-linear fiction, etc. — if it’s a well-written story that keeps readers entertained, we’ll be happy to take a look at it!


How can Nurture Your BOOKS™ help me?
Our clients can choose from a diverse range of free and premium author services, including author interviews, author promotion packages, book promotion packages, adverting opportunities on our website, author & book SHOWCASES, Book Trailer Spotlights, custom designs (website headers, badges, and basic blog set-up), digital services (press kits, press release writing & distribution, etc.), NURTURE Book Tours™ and more.


Are your free and premium author services limited to Canadian and US clients?
No, we operate on a global scale via the internet. As an independent author and book promotion company, we proudly assist clients from every corner of the globe.


Can you guarantee me increased book sales?
No, we cannot guarantee increased book sales. It is our firm belief that any individual or company that promises increased book sales is at least in part, scamming the author. Promising increased book sales to an author is an unethical practice that we do not condone or participate in. We fully understand that one of the main goals for an author is to sell their books, but readers can’t be forced to read your book — they have to want to read it. The Nurture Your BOOKS™ author services help authors with promoting and generating more interest in their name and their book(s); the increased awareness and publicity leads to increased book sales.


Can you publish my book?
No, we cannot publish your book as we do not operate a publishing company.


What type of publisher promotions and discounts do you offer?
Publishing companies may be eligible to receive bulk-rate discounts on NURTURE Book Tours™ and other author and book promotion packages. Please contact us for more information.


What are acceptable book formats?
Bound, print copies are acceptable; ARC’s and bound Galleys are fine. We also accept audio books and e-Books (Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word, BBeB® Book and other text file formats, as well as ePub/ACS4 and connection with Adobe Digital Editions).


Can you promote my book if it is written in French?
We’re sorry, but we only promote books that are printed in English, at this time.


What are your ad. and promotion policies/guidelines?
We reserve the right to refuse and/or remove any client, content and/or advertisement that we deem offensive, inappropriate, unsuitable or a conflict of interest — without warning or refund.


My book has many errors and structural issues; is this okay?
Please do not ask us to promote your book if it has not undergone a minimum of one professional edit. We reserve the right to refuse to review and/or promote a book that has not received sufficient editing (no refunds or credits will be given).


Who do I attribute promotions to?
Attribution Credit is to be given to Nurture Your BOOKS™ unless otherwise stated.


Can I pay after you’ve completed the work for me?
To keep Nurture Your BOOKS™ contract-free for our clients, we require full payment upfront, before we begin a service for you.


Should I insure all mail sent to you?
We recommend that all packages (payments/books) have a tracking number attached; insure the packages at your discretion as Nurture Your BOOKS™ will not be responsible for any misplaced, lost or stolen mail.


What FREE author services do you offer?
We offer quite a few free services. All free services are offered at the discretion of Nurture Your BOOKS™ and as such, not everyone who submits their information is guaranteed to be featured.


What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept VISA, Master Card and American Express through our verified, PayPal Merchant Account.


Do you have a refund policy?
To keep Nurture Your BOOKS™ contract-free for our clients, all fees are non-refundable, without exception. That said, we at Nurture Your BOOKS™ will do our very best to meet your personal level of excellence; if you have any concerns, questions or comments about how we can improve your experience or make it right, please contact us.


Nurture Your BOOKS™ FAQ are subject to change without notice.