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“Ask Laura” by Gillian Jackson. Romantic Mystery. On sale for $0.99 until March 10th, 2017.

“Cinderella Treasure Trove”, Edited by Stacy Juba & Lynette Sofra. Romance. Free!

“Millionaire Mindset – Rich Think Differently” by Amit Eshet. Self-Help. On sale for $0.99.

“Noah’s Good Night Dream Blanket” by L.K. Shila. Children’s Fiction. On sale for $0.99.

Final Cover

“From Summer and Fall” by Alora Kate. New Adult. On sale for $1.99.

His Christmas Nymph

“His Christmas Nymph” by Marly Mathews. Regency (Holiday) Romance. On sale for $0.99.

First Stone

“First Stone” by Gary Ballard. Cosmic Horror. On sale for $0.99.


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