Book Spotlight & New Release – Reckless by Anjalee Scott (18+)

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Reckless by Anjalee Scott

Detective Callie Ryan has a challenging time separating her personal life from her professional one when she goes undercover to stop a biker gang that just moved into her rustic California town, and she falls for the enforcer, Dax Black. To complicate matters further, her ex-boyfriend wants to move back to California and turn up the heat again, while her current love interest refuses to let her go without a fight. When the operation unfolds, she must decide if she’ll stay true to her badge or let Dax’s bad-boy attitude set something loose inside her that makes her want to run wild and free.

Content Warning: Erotica – Ages 18+


An excerpt from Reckless: Sheets 2 Streets MC by Anjalee Scott:

“Hey, Ryan, welcome back. Did you enjoy your time off for good behavior?” my partner, Jack Reese, teased.

I chuckled softly and told him, “Yes, it was just lovely.” I straightened the files someone had left on my desk and logged into my computer just as my other two partners, Eric Davis and Simone Bradley, stepped off the elevator. Simone and I were the only two females promoted to detective, and we had to work extra hard to prove ourselves.

“Hey, I brought coffee,” she announced and passed the steaming Styrofoam cups out. The imprint on the side was for Starbucks, which is much tastier than what we brewed at the station, so I happily accepted the beverage.

Just as I was taking a sip, the captain came out of his office and told us we had a meeting with him in five minutes. I shot a look at Jack, who sat across from me, and he shrugged.

“Do you know what this is about, Eric?” I asked. He shook his head no, and so did Simone.

Five minutes later, we were all convened inside the office of Captain Rafael Montego.

He looked at all our straight faces and broke out in a smile. “Relax, no one is in trouble,” he said. “But we do need to talk. First, let me say excellent job on your last sting. You were quick, efficient, and no one got hurt, which is always a good thing. You were so good, in fact, that Lieutenant Rogers wants your assistance in the gang unit”—he held up a hand—“Now, before you get upset, let me finish. I worked it out with him, so that you don’t have to transfer, just assist. Also, if another drug-related  case comes up, I’ll pull you off their team.” He paused for our reactions.

Jack was the one to talk first. “May I ask what is going on that they would need our help?”

The captain wiped his hand across his face. “Well, there’s an increase in the normal amount of gang activity in the area, and now a biker gang has moved in, and they’re suspected in several break-ins. So, Lieutenant Rogers wants you to work that case. As you know, they aren’t as well-trained in undercover operations as you are.”

He was right about that. Julian is a small and peaceful town, for the most part, so except for some tagging and occasional stripping of stolen cars for parts, the gang activity was low. Suddenly, my biker popped into my mind, and I began choking on my coffee. I wondered if he was a part of the new gang in town; although, I’d not seen him with any other bikers, which would be odd. I was fairly certain they traveled in groups.

“Anyway, here are the case files”—he passed out folders to each of us—“Review them and decide a course of action. Then get back to me for approval. Dismissed.”

I followed the others out of his office and back to our desks. “What do you think?” I asked Simone.

“It’s kind of exciting. I just don’t know if I can handle being undercover with a bunch of bikers, though. They are meaner than the druggies we deal with.”

I gave her a sideways glanced and said under my breath, “You may not be given the choice.”

She mouthed, “I know,” and went to her seat.

A few minutes after sitting down and reading the files, I noticed Jack was staring at me. He’s happily married and talks about his wife all the time, so I didn’t think it was an attraction thing.

“What? Do I have something in my teeth?” I inquired.

He smiled sheepishly. “I’m just picturing you in black leather with fake tattoos.”

“I can see that,” Eric chimed in.

I groaned in response. I had the strong feeling that’s what was in store for me.

The four of us gathered the files and went into the conference room to get away from the noise of the bustling office. We each took a seat and spread the documents out in front of ourselves.

Eric broke the silence when he said, “Look at the notes on page two.” The sound of shuffling papers filled the room as the rest of us turned to that section to follow along. “There was a rash of crimes in San Jose that they were blamed for,” he continued. “They’re called the Griffins.”

My mind’s eye settled on the image of the biker’s motorcycle. I could recall flaming orange wings painted on the front side. I flipped through the documents from the folder until I saw a photo of their logo—flaming wings were staring back at me.


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